How To Keep Your Joints Healthy?

How To Keep Your Joints Healthy?

Joint Pain According To Ayurveda:

As per Ayurveda, degeneration of joints (primary reason for most of joint pain) is termed as Sandhigatavata. Sandhivata is first described by Acharya Charaka as Sandhigata Anila with symptoms of Shotha (swelling) which when aggravated, feels like a bag filled with air and Shula (pain) on Prasarana and Akunchana (pain on flexion and extension of the joints). As age advances, the influence of Vata Dosha progresses, resulting in the process of gradual degeneration of the body. 

Sandhigatavata (osteoarthritis) is one of the consequences of this process, which is common in the elderly people. This is one of the major causes of chronic disability, affecting the quality of life. Prevalence of osteoarthritis is more among menopausal women. As we get older, we start experiencing the occasional stiffness in our joints. There are numerous ways to ensure healthy joints 

4 Ways To Keep The Joints In A Healthy State

  1. Regular Physical Activity: The more you exercise, the more the muscles around the joints are strengthened. Regular exercise is indispensable to keep our joints healthy. Hence, it is advised to incorporate an exercise schedule into your lifestyle and eliminate most joint pain.
  2. Avoid Being Stationary for Long periods: When a person sits or stands in the same position for a more extended period, it adversely affects their joints and muscles. That is why ensure that you do not let your body be stationary or in the same position for an extended period and do a mild stretch or move every one hour of stilling or standing still in the day.
  3. Maintain Healthy Weight: The more you weigh, the more is the pressure on your joints. Healthy body weight and a nutrient-rich diet are crucial for our body and help relieving joint pain.
  4. Consult with our ayurvedic doctors: If you have been experiencing intense pain in your joints, we highly recommend booking an online consult with our doctors on our website. Our experienced doctors provide diet and lifestyle changes based on your prakriti or constitution based on ayurvedic principles.

Looking For Ayurvedic Solution To Have Healthy Joint Health? Try Jointojas Today!!

JointOjas is a unique ayurvedic blend for optimal Joint health and support. Shallaki is good for inflamed, swollen joints and helps heal injured soft tissue. Curcumin helps purify the blood, stimulates the formulation of new blood cells, and strengthens tissues. Black Pepper is one of the most potent digestive stimulants, and it acts as an expectorant and enhances the potency of Turmeric. Guggul is best for arthritic conditions and helps to reduce fat and toxins in the body.

Ingredients In Jointojas

Benefits of Shallaki

  • It's excellent for joint care.
  • It helps heal soft tissue injury.
  • It aids in countering arthritic pain.
  • It is pretty good for inflamed & swollen joints.

Benefits of Curcumin

  • It strengthens digestion
  • It helps improve intestinal flora
  • It purifies blood and aids in the formation of new blood tissue
  • It promotes proper metabolism
  • It aids in the digestion of protein
  • It is a Tonic for Skin
  • It is an excellent antidote to colds

Benefits of Guggul

  • It eliminates both pimples and acne.
  • It promotes fat loss.
  • It helps us to manage diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels.

Final Thoughts

To summarize this write-up, we'd like to say that you should start implementing the tips mentioned above to overcome joint problems. Ojas Ayurveda supplements are made from 100% standardized extracts and hence result oriented in regards to general wellness or any health concern.  Our physicians have designed a combo pack i.e. Bone and Joint Combo pack for the overall wellness of your bones and joints. For more information, you can explore our product catalog

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