Amalaki Rasayan: The Ancient Remedy for Aging

Amalaki Rasayan

In times when technology has enhanced the medical science manifold, we still turn to Ayurveda when something seems out of reach for modern medical science. It’s magical how even after hundreds of years, Ayurveda is still relevant. But what’s the secret behind it. The power of Ayurveda lies in its magical concoctions and one of those blends is Amalaki Rasayan. In this write-up, we will tell you more about Amalaki Rasayan and how it is one of the best Ayurvedic compositions.

Amalaki Rasayan is a classical ayurvedic blend of Amla Powder processed in fresh Amla juice for 7 days and it has several proven benefits. Read through to know about them.

Magical for Eyesight

Studies have shown that Amla's carotene is great for the eyes. Its daily consumption helps with cataracts, intraocular tension (the pressure you feel in your eyes), as well as red eyes, itching, and watering. Amla being the core of Amalaki Rasayan makes it an amazing remedy for treating numerous eye concerns.

Makes Hair Grow

Amalaki Rasayan is great for hair health as well. Amla which is the main constituent of Amalaki Rasayan is abundant in iron and vital fatty acids. It helps to decrease greying, strengthen hair follicles, prevent dandruff, and promote hair growth. Amla also works as a natural conditioner, resulting in silky, lustrous hair and Amla when processed to make Amalaki Rasayan becomes a potent ingredient for dealing with all hair issues.

Prevents Aging

Amalaki Rasayan also has anti-ageing properties. As per a study done on 45-60 people, it was discovered that Amalaki Rasayan maintained the length of DNA telomeres. As telomeres are responsible for ageing and Amalaki is able to maintain its length for a certain period, it was concluded that this mix can help prevent ageing.

Helps Manage Diabetes

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C and blood sugar and Vitamin C has been associated closely. The presence of Chromium in Indian Gooseberry helps to make the body more responsive to insulin and manage blood sugar by regulating the carbohydrate metabolism of the body. As Amalaki Rasayan is made from Amla, it has all the properties that Indian Gooseberry possesses, it can be great for managing diabetes.

Improves Overall Immunity

It has always been advised by our grandparents to use Amla in our diet and now even the doctors vouch for its benefits. Amla improves the immune response of the body and so does Amalaki. Amla contains Vitamin C and is rich in antioxidants as well. They work together to boost immunity and fight free radicals in the body. It is best to fit for children, adults, and senior citizens.

Amalaki Rasayan is a magical blend that deserves to be used in every household. However, people might be conscious of it being an ayurvedic medicine and not sure if it can be used. And, if you are one of those then you can always go to Amla which is the core of Amalaki Rasayan. At Ojas, we cater to all kinds of Ayurvedic needs and we have crafted Amla Fruit Extract capsules that contain all the properties of Amla and is easier to include in your daily routine. Our supplement is the result of unrivalled science, research, and high-quality control standards which sets us different from other brands. So, don’t compromise on your health and include this superfood in your diet and reap the benefits of Ayurveda.

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