Tulsi - The Holy Way of Good Health

Tulsi - The Holy Way of Good Health

Tulsi has been spreading its magic in Ayurveda for ages. Cultivated in tropical climates, the queen of herbs, Tulsi holds a sacred place in Hinduism with extensive medicinal properties. Apart from adorning the entrances of Hindu homes, the fragrant herb has been used in various elaborate potions and concoctions prepared by Vaids to treat health conditions.

In Ayurveda or Hindu medical science, Tulsi extract is used to cease severe diseases and infections as well. With a strong aroma and minty flavor, holy basil is recognized as a highly promising immunomodulator. However, the catch is one has to have extensive knowledge and patience to extract the medicinal value of the humble herb.

Holy Basil - The Aromatic Elixir

The chemical constituents such as oleanolic acid, ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid, eugenol, carvacrol, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene serve its purpose in consumables, perfumes, and dental products, and more such beneficial products.

Keep Your Tulsi chewing habit at bay!

Consuming Tulsi every day boosts your health. However, you might want to rethink your habit of chewing a few freshly plucked leaves every day. Research suggests the presence of mercury in Tulsi leaves promotes enamel erosion thereby denaturalizing the polish of your pearly whites. Additionally, plucking and consuming herbs directly also welcomes the germs into your system. So, how to get your daily dose of Tulsi goodness? Ojas Ayurveda’s Tulsi leaf extract capsules are made up of pure extract under healthy preparative procedures keeping these baddies far from you.

The chemical constituents are amalgamated in adequate quantity in 500 mg capsules by Ojas Ayurveda. Intake of these capsules a day obviates stress and invigorates you from within. Tulsi leaf extract is 100% vegan.

Medicinal Magic of Holy Basil Capsules

A Happy Heart That Beats with Health

Vitamin C and antioxidants pump up your heart more effectively. Consumption of Tulsi leaves extracts keeps free radicals at a distance that might lead to chronic health problems.

Antioxidants such as eugenol balance the cholesterol level in your blood. Cleaning the path of the arteries, balanced cholesterol contributes to a consistent supply of oxygen to the tissues.

Seal Your Youthful Glow

Vitamin C and A present in holy basils impart antioxidant protection to the human body. Sufficient dissolving of these nutrients shields your skin from internal damages caused. Vitamin C hydrates the skin deeply. Promoting collagen growth, it keeps your skin firm and away from aging flaccidity.

No acne peeping and popping

Frequent growth of acne and family? Not anymore! If you consume Tulsi capsules every day, the adamant bacteria and infections will lose the battle against your healthy skin. Eugenol is a primary active compound in the basil leaves that cleanse out the impurities from the dermis.

Healthy Respiration

Compounds like eugenol, camphene, and cineole present in the basil are effective in the treatment of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections in the respiratory system.

Stinky No More!

Being a natural mouth freshener and oral disinfectant, consumption of Tulsi helps you regain your confidence. Oral hygiene is one of the underrated concerns. Capsules doses wipe out the bacterias causing bad breath, plaque, and dental cavities.


Indeed, the Queen of Herbs takes care of your health and safeguards your skin from internal and external invaders. Amidst Covid, people are less likely to sustain a healthy life. Tulsi extract capsules prepared under the supervision of our health professionals boost your immunity to create enough antibodies.

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