Tips For Optimal Liver Health

Tips For Optimal Liver Health

According to Ayurveda, the liver is made from blood, hence our diet decides the livers condition. Impure blood could lead to liver disease. Ayurveda talks about Hetu Sevan(cause of disease) physiologically.  From producing bile juice to eliminating toxins from the bloodstream, our liver performs over 500 functions a day. Bile juice is vital for processing the food we eat and oversees breaking down copious amounts of substances like medications, alcohol, and much more. Hence keeping the liver in good condition should be our priority.

A healthier liver leads to a long healthy life. Determining the food or habits that damage our liver is vital. People who drink a considerable amount of water regularly are less likely to get liver diseases. A balanced diet and drinking at least eight glasses of water are indispensable for a healthy liver. Besides drinking water & a balanced diet, there are innumerable tips that one should adhere to.

We Have Put Together These Best 5 Tips to Keep the Liver In the Healthiest State

1. Incorporating a Balanced Diet: Salty and spicy sour food should be avoided. Virhdhha ahar i,e milk with banana , cold with hot , consuming spicy and sweet foods together and a constantly draining lifestyle are the main causes of liver disease according to Ayurveda.  One should steer clear of high calories, saturated fats, sugar, and high carbohydrates. Instead, you should welcome the fibre-rich diet we get from fruits and green vegetables.  
    2. Physical Activities: Daytime nap or sleeping due to exhaustion of work might be a good practice for a highly stressed individual. Regular exercise is a must for a healthy liver, body, and mind. It also promotes healthy weight management, responsible for proper liver functioning. We advise that you either walk for half an hour or do some form of physical exercise.
      3. Mental health- Anger issues triggers blood impurification. Managing one’s mental health and taking control of your emotions, helps overcome fatty liver issues. When it comes to the liver, keeping your calm helps to grow mentally and physiologically ensuring everything works smooth, whether it is work stress or a family issue, working on that by letting it all out would help tremendously.

        4. Practicing Yoga- Here the term Yoga has different view than exercising. Meditation and yoga can keep you healthy. Yoga in which anulom vilom, kapalbhati, suryanamaskar, shashankaasan are incorporated in a daily routine, as per advice of a yoga instructor, can help you to recover your liver health.

        5. Reduced or no Consumption of Alcohol & Smoke: We all know alcohol and smoke harm our health. The high consumption of alcohol can bring forth an inflammatory state in the liver—besides, it build-ups excessive fat in the liver, which is known as fatty liver issues. On the contrary, smoking increases the chances of cancer in the liver, stomach, colon, cervix. As per Ayurveda, here is an explanation on why alcohol and smoking hamper liver health. The liver is made of rakta dhaatu (blood) rakta dushti occurs by sour bitter and hot food products by nature. Alcohol is known for its bitterness and due to its hot nature it leads to rakta dushti(blood impurification) leading to liver problems. Counter this by consuming the purest form of natural and herbal supplements Tulsiojas or Tulsi Supplements and Livojas for optimal Liver health.

          LivOjas: The Right Solution for Optimal Liver Health

          In everyday life, we often consume toxins through our diet, lifestyle or environment. Ever wondered how these toxins flush out our bodies? Well, our liver performs the process of flushing out all toxins most effectively. Switching to Ayurvedic supplements is the sure-fire way to keep the liver healthy. At Ojas Ayurveda, we have formulated LivOjas with a blend of certain natural herbs that keep your liver healthy and optimize its functions. Moreover, it is free of any chemical or preservatives.

          Benefits of Kutki

          • It aids in cleaning excessive fat deposits, resulting in improved liver function.
          • It fights against flu & fever.
          • It promotes weight loss.
          • It enhances digestion and aids in addressing Asthma

          Benefits of Bhumiamla

          • It is known for its resemblance to liver utpatti (originates)
          • It cleanses the gallbladder.
          • It promotes healthy skin.
          • It supports proper liver functioning.
          • It cools and soothes the digestive tracts.

          Benefits of Kalmegh

          • It is packed with antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
          • It possesses laxative properties improving digestion.
          • It also prevents the damage to liver cells caused by free radicals.
          • It helps with diabetes management.

          Benefits of Bhringraj

          • It prevents hair loss.
          • It fights against headaches and memory loss.
          • It controls high blood pressure.
          • It aids in liver detoxification.


          So now we have recommendations for a healthy liver. We understand that meeting and socializing with friends and family sometimes includes alcohol consumption. Why not take Livojas regularly to detox the liver and enjoy that once in a while indulgence?  For more information of Liver health, connect with our experienced doctors for an online consultation on our website!

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