Natural Tips To Improve The Health Of Your Heart

Natural Tips To Improve The Health Of Your Heart

Diet plays a crucial role in coronary heart disease. The exponential increase in heart-related issues among people can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles & foods comprising of saturated fat and junk food. Subsequently, heart diseases have become the top reason for the rising global deaths. You can protect yourself, by following a healthy lifestyle and nutrient-rich diet. In this write-up, we’ll discuss certain ways to promote a healthy heart. If you follow our below-mentioned guidelines, then maintaining optimum heart health will not be a formidable task.

Regular Walk for 20 Minutes

    Regular walk for at least 20 minutes is the most recommended remedy for a healthy heart. If you cannot walk, make sure to do the breathing pranayam exercise, anilom vilom, daily for a minimum of 10 minutes. It can relax your mind and lower the blood pressure level in the body.

    Consume Fruits & Vegetables

      Incorporating fruits & green vegetables into your daily diet can minimize the risk of heart ailments to a great extent. They are beneficial for the brain & digestive system as well.

      Quit Drinking & Smoking

        Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes/cigars can damage your liver, lungs, and heart. It’s quite important to shun both drinking & smoking habits.

        Take steps towards Stress Management

          If your stress levels are high, the probability of succumbing to heart diseases is also large. To manage & mitigate the stress, meditation can do wonders for you. You can also have arjuna tea that aids in mental relaxation.

          Manage the weight

          Being overweight can increase your risk of heart disease. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet, low in fat, sugar and salt, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and adding fibre to the meals with help lower the heart risk.

          HeartOjas - A natural way to healthy heart functioning

          HeartOjas is a unique herbal blend that promotes healthy heart functioning. It consists of Arjuna, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha & Cinnamon. This product is specially designed by doctors & experts of Ojas Ayurveda, who are committed to delivering premium quality products. Our products are directly sourced from the Himalayan Valleys. All the benefits of herbs included in the HeartOjas are listed below-

          Benefits of Arjuna

          • It promotes heart function and aids in longevity.
          • It helps in recovery after a heart attack
          • It aids in the prevention of heart attack
          • It helps the healing of soft tissue and broken bones
          • It is a natural blood thinner and maintains normal coagulation.

          Benefits of Brahmi

          • It is brain tonic as it revitalizes the brain cells
          • It is a nervine herb that removes toxins
          • It improves memory
          • It cleanses the blood & improves immunity
          • Cleanses kidneys & soothes the liver

          Benefits of Shankhpushpi

          • It enhances concentration & memory level.
          • It helps you in getting relief from stress & anxiety issues.
          • It reduces several mental disorders as well as the risk of epilepsy.
          • It reduces constipation & indigestion issues in the body.
          • It enhances the concentration of children who suffer from ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

          Benefits of Ashwagandha

          • It rejuvenates the muscles, marrow & semen.
          • It speeds up the healing of tissues
          • It rejuvenates the hormonal system
          • It is an excellent herb as it has calming properties.

          Benefits of Cinnamon

          • It helps in blood pressure management.
          • It balances the blood sugar level & mitigates the risk of type-2 diabetes.
          • It aids in keeping the brain young and active
          • It supports the health of the gut.

          The Bottom Line

          We sincerely hope you start taking care of your heart by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and strict balanced diet. Additionally, you should try HeartOjas a wellness supplement from Ojas Ayurveda, a very powerful product for your heart. You can count on Ojas Ayurveda as your right partner in the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. To know more about our products, explore our catalogue right away!


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