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Daanika Sawhniey
Diarrhoea And Its Herbal Remedies

Diarrhoea And Its Herbal Remedies

The gastrointestinal tract, consisting of the stomach and intestines, is affected by many bacteria and viruses. The common symptom being diarrhea, caused by bacteria present on various food products, environment and on our hands. Diarrhea may be watery, bloody or whitish. Depending on the type and color, the severeness is decided. In Ayurveda, diarrhea is viewed in regards to digestion. If the stomach is filled with undigested food, then that may cause diarrhea. Overeating can also result in same. As per our ancient science, if occurring once after 8 or 9 months then just practice langhan i.e do not overeat...

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